Where is Rolling Fork, MS – Exploring Its Location on a Map

Rolling Fork, Mississippi, is a charming town nestled in the heart of the Mississippi Delta region. Let’s delve into where exactly Rolling Fork is located on a map and what makes this small town special.

1. Rolling Fork, MS:

Rolling Fork is a quaint town located in Sharkey County, Mississippi, known for its rich history and agricultural heritage.

2. Geographic Location:

Rolling Fork is situated in the western part of Mississippi, approximately 50 miles north of the state capital, Jackson.

3. Mississippi Delta Region:

The town is part of the Mississippi Delta region, characterized by fertile soil, flatlands, and a vibrant cultural heritage.

4. Proximity to Major Cities:

Rolling Fork is within driving distance of several major cities, including Vicksburg, Greenville, and Yazoo City.

5. Accessible by Highways:

The town is accessible via several highways, including US-61 and MS-16, making it easily reachable by road.

6. Map Coordinates:

The geographic coordinates for Rolling Fork, MS, are approximately 32.8964° N latitude and 90.8778° W longitude.

7. Mississippi River:

Rolling Fork is located near the Mississippi River, which has historically played a significant role in the region’s economy and culture.

8. Outdoor Recreation:

The town’s proximity to the Mississippi River offers opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as fishing, boating, and birdwatching.

9. Agriculture and Farming:

Rolling Fork is surrounded by fertile farmland, with agriculture being a major industry in the area.

10. Historical Landmarks:

The town boasts several historical landmarks, including the Great Delta Bear Affair and the Delta National Forest.

11. Cultural Heritage:

Rolling Fork is steeped in cultural heritage, with strong ties to blues music and African American history.

12. Blues Music Heritage:

The town is part of the Mississippi Blues Trail, with landmarks honoring legendary blues musicians such as Muddy Waters and B.B. King.

13. Community Events:

Rolling Fork hosts various community events throughout the year, celebrating its culture, heritage, and agricultural traditions.

14. Local Cuisine:

Visitors to Rolling Fork can sample delicious Southern cuisine at local eateries and restaurants, showcasing the region’s culinary traditions.

15. Small-Town Charm:

Rolling Fork exudes small-town charm, with friendly locals, historic architecture, and a relaxed pace of life.

16. Educational Institutions:

The town is home to educational institutions, including schools and libraries, serving the local community.

17. Healthcare Facilities:

Residents have access to healthcare facilities and services, ensuring their well-being and medical needs are met.

18. Retail and Services:

Rolling Fork offers essential retail and services to residents and visitors, including grocery stores, banks, and gas stations.

19. Scenic Drives:

Exploring Rolling Fork and its surrounding countryside is a treat, with scenic drives showcasing the beauty of the Mississippi Delta.

20. Visitor Information:

For those planning a visit to Rolling Fork, visitor information centers and tourism offices provide helpful resources and assistance.

21. Accommodation Options:

There are lodging options available in Rolling Fork, ranging from cozy bed and breakfasts to modern hotels.

22. Community Spirit:

Rolling Fork prides itself on its strong sense of community spirit, with residents coming together to support one another and preserve local traditions.

23. Volunteer Opportunities:

Visitors interested in getting involved in the community can explore volunteer opportunities and contribute to local initiatives.

24. Preserving Heritage:

Rolling Fork is committed to preserving its heritage and traditions for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

In conclusion, Rolling Fork, MS, is a hidden gem in the Mississippi Delta region, offering a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring its scenic landscapes or immersing yourself in its rich heritage, Rolling Fork has something to offer everyone.

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